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Tips on selecting suitable stocks for Trading Wing, Trading Scalping & Long-term investment

Tips on selecting suitable stocks for Trading Wing, Trading Scalping & Long-term investment

 This time we're going to share information about stock selection he's going to invest in or swing trading or they're scaling trades yes it's different, bro. So not all of those stocks can be scaled. Not all shares are also suitable for swing. If the mask is on the paint, it's suitable for what if I want the café to fit for medium-term investment, so it's okay here. Well, it's time for the market to come in. Buy this. Then sell it here. That means it's from March, May, June.In five months, yes, five months here, yes, around October-November to February, five months after that, it's like this to be suitable if this inkp is for a lot of per share in the medium-term investment period, so I think it's not suitable for scaling when it comes to time, Story time we'll try to see.It's the same thing that Cafe made for the term just bought down here. For example, buy it on top of us down here, down here, down here, down here, down here, maybe until we go up and up again. We're also here like that. Here's an example of what it's called stocks for medium-term investment. Yes, 6 months and 78 months like that. The creature sells with a big target of 5060 even 100% for the target. Yes, we're waiting at the bottom.I make investments happily like this. 6 months. 7829 months. What's the second one that's suitable for swing if cheating is usually Sunday, the count is swing week. Yes, if swing matches, one of these is actually PR. Like it could be the other one.For example, here for Telkom, let's see if you're here to buy here in a couple of weeks, yes, then buy it again in a bottle here Joe, how many days 10 days is selling chicken 1fw but when is it like this but there's fluctuation it's really good for this swing yesterday buy here I'm also here on SaturdayI'm selling it here  right here. Yes, I'm actually in Telkom. 


It's really good. It's going up and down. It's a good set of W sets that make the swing legitimate. But there's a fluctuation. Well, like Telkom, it's good. This PIN is also good for swing trading. Yes, when you're here, buy it here. Buy it here and up. Let's just keep buying it here. Buy it here too. Buy it here too.It's called swing trading. Yes, if that's what I usually do, it's seven and eight months old, but most of the time it's only been 44 weeks.The allocation is cheap Ya understand Mas Sugeng Hai just wait till the top i.e. Bekasi usually plays for months So if it's swing Ya, what's the name of the broad blog really goes up and down but that's a little bit short in time for a few weeks, if you'll just wait here for example. It's only three weeks till here. It's three weeks. It's another three weeks. It's a few weeks down to the bottom. It's just a week. It's just another 10 days until here. Sell it like that if I like it often like this if for long term investment it's not strong. Masbro's breathing is not four breaths, yes, maybe if the long-term benefits are great, people only have psychological or other financial abilities, so if I'm told to wait eight years and five years, I'm not going to be a tough guy who might someday be able to, but with my capital Have a little one now. Yeah. How about five years of waiting? We want to enjoy it very okay. Then the next thing that's suitable for scalping is that even if it's 3 days, it should be sold at least once a day. Buy now for example for the morning.It's not or you're buying it now for a few minutes now. It's better if it's scalping. Oh yeah.

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