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the mysteries of the intelligence world

the mysteries of the intelligence world

Talking about the secret of intelligence world life doesn't seem like it's going to end. Their stories that often sound fantastic, sometimes have a number of reasons that always make us think that a lot of intelligence stories are reasonable to be able to happen. And speaking of intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, or the CIA, seems to be the most famous state intelligence agency. Yeah, intelligence from the United States is often referenced in a number of Hollywood films, so it's no wonder that most of us have never been able to figure out what the CIA is doing in the real world. As the intelligence agency of Uncle Sam's country, the superpower, obviously, the CIA is the best intelligence agency in the world, isn't it? Hmm, well, even though the CIA is one of the world's largest-funded intelligence agencies, it turns out that there is a heated debate about other countries' intelligence agencies that are supposed to be better than the CIA.

One of them was an Israeli institution, named Mossad. Mossad was founded in 1949 by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion said, the reason Mossad was founded was because from the beginning, Israel had always been under threat from its enemies, therefore he believed that it was important for Israel to know what was going on around them. One of Mossad's achievements was under the leadership of Director Isser Harel. He captured the former Nazi general responsible for the Jewish Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960.

To date, Mossad is suspected of being responsible for a number of intelligence operations in the world, especially those around the Middle East conflict. Then, is it true that Mossad is better than the CIA? Let's explore the mystery of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, to understand the performance of Mossad as an intelligence agency, it seems appropriate that we first look at the legendary story of one of Israel's most famous heroes, named Eli Cohen. Cohen became one of Mossad's most famous agents for his achievements while posing as a successful Syrian businessman under the name of Kamel Amin Thaabet, and infiltrated the Syrian government during the 1960s.

It is known that Cohen's spy actions in Syria were not merely wiretapping, but that Cohen successfully infiltrated the Syrian government, to the point that he was almost appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense there.

Wow, that's cool, but you know what? Although Cohen is a legendary spy, it turns out he has a background like an ordinary civilian. Quoting from Tirto's page, according to a University of Los Angeles academic named Daniel Gaily, Cohen's first proposal to work at Mossad was rejected for no apparent reason. She later became an accountant and married her lover, Nadia Majald, in 1959. About a year after the marriage, and living a normal life, Mossad only recruited him because Cohen was considered fit for an infiltration mission to Syria.

Cohen then trained for six months, in 1961 he went on a mission to Argentina. Cohen's story became a representation of Mossad's power, as only with a relatively short training time could they create a spy who was so legendary. So, exactly how powerful is Mossad as an intelligence agency? Well, structurally, with an annual budget of approximately US$3 billion, and a staff of around 7,000 staff, Mossad is the second largest spy agency in the Western world after the CIA. 

With that capital, Mossad successfully executed a number of very large espionage missions, one of which was his contribution to repelling Iran's nuclear program. Quoting an article from the BBC page, in 2018, Mossad managed to retrieve a number of crucial documents regarding Iran's nuclear development from a warehouse in Tehran. Former Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen revealed that the operation required a two-year imposition, and a total of 20 Mossad agents were involved in the field. In addition, he also revealed the possibility of Mossad involvement in the destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities in Natanz, and in the murder of nuclear scientists. Surely Mossad espionage missions cannot be carried out without technological advances.

According to Israeli news media N12, Mossad integrated all technological powers held by Israel into secret missions in its enemy countries. These include machine learning technology, the worldwide spread of unmanned technology devices, and artificial intelligence. Well, some time ago, there was news that Mossad had used a robot to kill an Iranian nuclear scientist named Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Robots.

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