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How much car insurance is important to us.How much car insurance is important to us.

How much car insurance is important to us.How much car insurance is important to us.


Hi, when we already have an insurance policy, there's a lot of our agent friends looking for us. Even though we've opened a police with him, we've probably opened a few. Not just one cop, maybe three or five cops, and so on. But when they come, they always bring two things to tell us.


 The first is whether we're going to upgrade our policy, which is to increase its benefits or increase its benefits. Or the second might be to ask us if we want to add more police officers. Is this wrong? It's very subjective, actually, I'm just going to try to give you a perspective that might be different and can give you a little bit of information when Smart Friends are visited again by Smart Friends friends. Watch this episode until it's over, because later at the end of the episode, Persik Smart will definitely be able to know: whether Persik Smart is upgraded or more likely to add a policy.


 Basically speaking of financial conditions, speaking of financial planning, it should be every three months or every six months we do what's called revision or review.  The main goal is to monitor whether what we have done what we have planned is still appropriate, which is not the same as the financial plan and financial goals we want to achieve because if it is not appropriate, there must be certain adjustments.





Maybe for example, we want more investment or more of our total investment, maybe because it's not achieved, it could be because of instrument errors, it could be because of less investment, and so on, or maybe we're less disciplined in investment, if we talk about it. investment. But if we talk about insurance, of course we have to do a review as well. Because of this review we are doing so that what we planned earlier, for example, we have certain needs in certain numbers, whether it has not been achieved yet.


Then we have to try to reach it. If, for example, it has been achieved or may be excessive, maybe we can also ask to lower the number with the aim of allowing our insurance fee to be slightly cheaper. If it's for insurance itself, there are several aspects that we can review. The first is the type of insurance, the second is probably the amount of money in the account, the third can be the premium itself, the fourth is the value of the account if for example there is. If we enter the link unit, there must be an account value.






If my grades are too small, what should we do? If, for example, the value of the account is overrated, what should we do? So we should know, we have such planning. That's why it's important to review. The most frequently asked question by Smart Friend is whether I need to review or adjust my own policy.






I give you the simplest example. I'm sure every year Smart Buddy must expect an increase in income. This increase in income will certainly affect what is called an increase in expenditure. A little more must have had an effect, even if we try to suppress our lifestyle. Surely a little bit will increase a little bit, but we have to remember that when we have an increase in income, don't let the increase in expenditure be just as big.


 If it's as big a name as a lie, then. So if for example we have an increase in income, we have to make sure that the expenditure does not increase that much, because it is very important later. With the increase in expenditure, of course, the need for insurance will also change.




For example, we have an income of 3 million if we go up to 20 million, of course our lifestyles are different, of course our expenses are different and of course our income is also different. What we might initially target is that our children only go to college domestically, it could rise to become possible in the capital or it could be possible in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and so on.


 So of course, with this increase, our needs will also go up later.  But for example, there is very little or no significant change.




Let's say it's increased by about 10% to 25% within a year. I don't think reviews need to be done that often, though. So if for example this year, the income is 5 million, next year it's only up to 200 thousand for example.



It's only about 4%, so if for example there's still very little increase, I think it's a little less necessary to review it, because later the effect won't be too much either. The truth is, we're gonna be tired of the agents, too. The agent came, neither did the premium increase.

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